Red is a Nice Product Photography Color

Outdoor Product Photography

I recently had the opportunity to spend a few days at a lodge near the Tetons. I took the time to practice capturing product shots with my GH5 from Panasonic. All these images, with the exception of the Red Vines and the IBC Root Beer bottle, were taken by me without any assistance. I then edited each image in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.

Old Spice

Brandon Griffin Old Spice smelf outdoor ad

Shot with a 25mm lens with a shutter speed of 1/200 and an f-stop of 1/14. I used a single speed-light flash, held in one hand, while I shot the image with my camera in the other hand. This image was bracketed with a 7 stop bracket and combined for HDR.

Red Vines

Brandon Griffin Red Vine American flag

Similar camera settings as the above image, only f/11 and a shutter at 1/125. Fun fact about this image: It was a group project, there were three of us, I had my two fellow students hold a speed-light each to achieve the lighting. The flag was draped over a wood bench. One of my classmates had the idea to pull some of the red twists out of the container to give the imagery of fireworks. I then added to the idea by requesting one of my classmates to hold some of the twists above the container and–on my mark–drop them. We tried this several times, but the first attempt produced the best image, by far.


Kay Jewelers

Brandon Griffi every kiss begins with kay

I found this box, someone had brought on this excursion. Unfortunately it was empty (although that makes a great deal of sense). Then I realized I had a ring on my finger. I placed it in the box. The best part? This is not false advertising, since my ring was actually purchased from Kay Jewelers.

IBC Root Beer

Brandon Griffin IBC root beer

I tried many different things with the IBC Root Beer, including one of my favorite things to do with a flash. That is, to have just a portion of the flash visible in the frame to produce a dramatic lens flare effect. This image however, turned out the best. You can tell by the glare and shadow on the table that there is a speed-light behind the glass which illuminates the bottles from behind. There is also a speed-light just to the left which highlights the label on the bottle.


M&M Brandon Griffin photo ad

This was one of my favorite images to take, because I got to play with M&M’s, and I love the contrast the image produced!


Brandon Griffin Crayola Crayons

I tried many layouts with the Crayola Crayons. Note there are several flashes at work here, including one below the plexiglass sheet the crayons are resting on.


Brandon Griffin baseball photography

There is only one thing my dad likes more than baseball, and that’s his family. My parents were instrumental in promoting me to develop talents. This image is dedicated to my father and his love for baseball. He has volunteered as a pitching coach at a high school for a couple decades or more. I love the lighting and detail on this particle ball.

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