Semifinalist – Adobe Design Achievement Awards (ADAA)

I took a photography class last January to April. While in the class I submitted my favorite photo (which can be seen throughout my website) to the Adobe Design Achievement Awards. I forgot about it for a while until I received an email saying that my image was a selected as a semifinalist. I was shocked, and quite excited. Learn more about my process on my blog post here. In class it was submitted as one of my Bannack Ghost Town portraits. For the ADAA it was submitted as Fine Art – Photography.

You’ll notice that the image directly to the left, and the image directly above, and the image above and to the right are all class members of mine who made it into the first round of semifinalists.

Brandon Griffin Western Cowboy Photography - Protector of the West

I took the next photography class between April and July. This time I submitted two images into the Fine Art – Photography category. These images are still being judged in the first round, whereas my first image was in the early bird category. You will see my Marbled Rock image from my landscape fine art post, and Young Girl Shines from my female model portraits post.

All of these images above are classmates (since I narrowed the search to my university). You will see a very familiar model was selected in a finalist image. It wasn’t one of my images, but man they must like that particular model over there at Adobe.

Marble Cookies n Cream Oreo Rock by Brandon Griffin

Girl in Barn Light Rays by Brandon Griffin

I am excited to see what happens in the coming weeks concerning the Adobe Design Achievement Awards! In the meantime, check out my Behance Portfolio.

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