Broken Down Relationship – Car and Fog Photography

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You can also see these two models featured in my Vintage Couples Photoshoot.

Here is the original image below. I used a fog machine pointed at the front of the car to create this smoke effect. I really like the story this image tells. In my mind, it was a frustrated young soldier driving a car that breaks down, engine smoking. Next to him is his girl, annoyed because she feels stuck. A young man who feels he isn’t moving forward, and a young woman who feels stuck. Tensions are high.


Here is the edited image, with the background blacked out, and colored added to the foreground subjects. Look at the details in her cloak, and in the fog surrounding the young man, and how they differ from image to image. I also love the reflection of the young man, which was pointed out to me later by someone.


Here is an image of me in serious need of a haircut, standing in front of the image displayed


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