Darkside Helmets in Illustrator

In the sketches above you can see that I played around with different ideas for these helmets. I tried circles, I tried squares, I tried triangles. One of the things that turned me off about the rectangles was that Darth Vader looked too much like a dog to me.

Ultimately I decided to go with the general shape of how the helmets are normally viewed.

This was all for a class project. We were asked to create an icon set for our first project in Adobe Illustrator. Icon meaning: a group of simple images that fit together stylistically.

Here is the finished project:

To keep the set stylistically similar, I would copy the basic helmet shape for the next icon. I would then tweak the vertices and curve handles (and sometimes add or subject points) to create the unique shapes in each helmet. Notice elements that are similar. For instance, the eye lines are in the same position. The imperial stormtrooper has similar elements to Commander Cody and Commander Gree (orange and green troopers). Captain Phasma has similarities to the First Order stormtrooper.

The most fun one to create was Commander Cody (orange). However, I think the ones that paid off the most were Vader and the Death Trooper (black and green). Kylo Ren, because of his uniqueness in shape and mask, was the biggest nightmare of the bunch.

When it finally came around to our sticker assignment, I wish I had printed these off as stickers. But I certainly had fun making these. It goes to show that if you add your passion to an assignment (i.e. Star Wars), it really makes the learning much more exciting!

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