Grand Teton National Park Photography


These are all pictures I took on my own while I was with my class visiting Grand Teton National Park. Most the day was overcast and the Tetons were covered with clouds. Every once in a while the clouds cleared just enough to see the mountain.

At one stop, I had a hard time finding a good image. I was having writer’s block, only the equivalent for photographers. I was in a beautiful location however I had been taking pictures all morning, filling my memory card with images I knew I may not do much with. Looking around, trying to find some inspiration, praying for some flood of insight, a small little squirrel or chipmunk came up right beside me. I wasn’t the only one to snap pictures of one of these little guys that day, but it was enough encouragement to keep going.

blue grand teton nation park by brandon griffin

Squirrel Close Up Portrait by Brandon Griffin

Dark Storm Clouds and Grand Teton by Brandon Griffin

I found this lake to be particularly beautiful. Of all the small bodies of water we saw that day, this one was by far my favorite. It provided a beautiful reflection of the mountain above. While take pictures, I was able to set a GoPro on a small tripod in the lake and take a lovely time-lapse of the clouds.

Teton Mountain Lake Reflection by Brandon Griffin

After taking the images of the squirrel, I was heading back to the van to change my camera’s battery when I noticed this rock right outside the door of the van. Of all the pictures shot at that particular location, one of the best was right outside the van door, and I didn’t even notice it until the end. It goes to show that some of the best images can be captured in the most ordinary of places. Or, as Caryn Esplin likes to say it, Ordinary Scene Extraordinary Shot.

Marble Cookies n Cream Oreo Rock by Brandon Griffin

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