The Lift – Architecture and Food Photography

In my previous post I showcased a bunch of photography from the Lift restaurant in Jackson, Wyoming. Now I will show you some of the architecture shots I took inside and out of the restaurant.

You will see that I am a big fan of having foreground and background when it comes to these shots. I love the bokeh look. For this first image, there were a couple of pots on the ground filled with flowers. I got on the ground so that I could get low enough to take this picture.


The next two shots were taken just inside the front door of the restaurant.

Brandon-Griffin-lift-restaurant-jackson-wyoming-food-architecture-photography-1 Brandon-Griffin-lift-restaurant-jackson-wyoming-food-architecture-photography-2

Because I am a video guy, I mostly film wide or landscape. I hardly ever shoot tall or portrait (even for portraits). But every once in a while I like to shake things up and try different things.


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