A Storm Rolling In and HDR Airplane Cockpits

Soldier Hat Brandon Griffin

In one of my earlier posts I mentioned how a storm came in during a photography shoot.  Here are some images of those storm clouds over the Rexburg Legacy Flight Museum!

Storm over Plane Hangars Brandon Griffin

Storm Cell over Flight Museum Brandon Griffin

This image below was one of my favorites with the storm clouds because I bracketed the shot to get different exposures. I combined the images together to get high dynamic range and greater pixel depth. This image was edited in Adobe Lightroom. I boosted the clarity dramatically to achieve this effect.

Airplane Cockpit and Storm Brandon Griffin

My favorite fruit, the strawberry, being sprinkled upon with sugar. A nice warm fire-place in the background. The trick to this effect is to actually use salt instead of sugar. It won’t taste as good after, but it will sure last longer for photography.

Brandon Griffin Strawberry Sugar Fireplace

Strawberry sugar Brandon Griffin

This image below was before sunrise, using a long exposure and speed-lights to light the barn. Similar to light painting.

Barn Light Painting Long Exposure Brandon Griffin

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