The Boys and the Men – Portrait Photography

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The Rexburg Legacy Flight Museum

I had the joy of joining some fine student photographers and student models at the Legacy Flight Museum in Rexburg, Idaho.

Most of these images had some sort of external lighting. In fact, all but two had flash lighting or continuous lighting. This blog post is dedicated to the men.

Solder Resting by Brandon Griffin

Soldier Tipping hat by Brandon Griffin

We were split up into groups of four photographers. We were lucky to have the outside stations when we did. A storm was rolling in. Too much earlier and we would have missed some of these awesome cloud shots. Too much later and we would have missed the opportunity to shoot outside! Due to the weather, we had to wheel in all the trucks and planes and lighting.

Soldier on jeep looking into distance by Brandon Griffin Military man reflecting over broken down jeep by Brandon Griffin

Brandon Griffn Rim Light Portrait

Cool Pilot with Shades

This man here below is the man responsible for the wonderful costumes. I love this picture of him I snapped. It looks like it could go on a website bio!

Man Behind the Legacy Flight Museum

These images below were taken on my excursion to the Tetons. We had a nice little set-up inside one of the lodges. A simple black background, and three strobes:

Josh Miller by Brandon Griffin

Micahel Soto by Brandon Griffin man portrait

Here are the two images below that did not have some sort of light source or modifier.

Fly Fishing by Brandon Griffin Zhiyang Posing on Fence by Brandon Griffin

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