Use your gear and an ordinary location to create a masterpiece.

Another challenge from my mentor, Caryn Esplin. Find an ordinary place, and take an extraordinary photo there. I have yet to really master this. It’s similar to Peter McKinnon’s B-roll challenge. To find a location, an uninteresting location, and shoot with one camera and one lens. I love it! It’s this idea to take what you have and use it to create a masterpiece.

I am into technology just as much as the next guy. I spend quite a bit of time looking up some of my favorite lenses or cameras such as the 5D Mark IV or the 1D X Mark II, and so many others. Those are just some of the ones I would like to get but can’t afford currently. I recently upgraded my camera to a Panasonic Lumix GH5. I love the camera. The thing is, it’s a better video camera than it is a photo camera. I love to make videos. I sell stock footage, I make short films, I love video. For video, the GH5 was a clear choice for me. However, if I was purchasing a camera solely for photography, I would have purchase something very different for the price. I may have even purchase something a little cheaper like a Canon 6D Mark II. I think these cameras do better than the GH5 when it comes to photos. I am a fan of Canon. But when it comes to what the GH5 can do in video, you can’t beat the price. Even the A7S II (which is considerably more money) was not as intriguing to me as the GH5. The one thing the Sony has which is far superior than the Panasonic is it’s incredible low-light performance. It’s really a preference thing. While I would have loved to have a full-frame camera, I much preferred 4K at 60fps and 180fps in full HD. For my needs, it was better. However, I have friends who swear by the Sony and you know what? It works for them, it’s the right camera for them. For me, I prefer the GH5. I think the next camera I would choose over the GH5 is the Canon 1D X Mark II, but it’s twice the price! Anyways, you probably didn’t come to this post for a camera review. My point is, I am into the gear just as much as anyone. But before upgrading, it is important to master what I already have.

RED cinema cameras are insane. Some of the best video cameras out there! However, you can hand that to some kid and he couldn’t come close to what Steven Spielberg could make on an 8mm camera. Remember that DVD of your favorite movie? Unless it’s Blu-Ray or streaming, you are watching that in standard definition. While fancy equipment and the latest technology can help with the ease of creating beautiful images, you don’t need it to create something of substance. Some of the first photos I took at the beginning of this year was on a Canon Rebel T3i. To put that in perspective, the T7i came out more than a year ago from the time I am writing this.

Use what you have, and create a beautiful image. Think outside the box. When you take your picture, try looking for a new way to look at it. Turn around, get on the ground.

Hello There

Obi-Wan Kenobi… Obi-Wan…. now that’s a name I’ve not heard in a long time, a long time…


Here is the set-up image:


The Bees’ Trees


Another shot I took in what is really an ordinary place. A flowered tree just outside a small building. In fact, these two images were taken at the same location, one inside and one outside. (And no, the A7S II box does not belong to me. It belongs to a friend and co-worker. I saw the empty box sitting on the shelf and it was the perfect height for what I needed.)

Here is the set-up location shot:


Now go out there and conquer!

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