Using the Simple Particles to Create Elegant Photography

Fruit Photography

These two images were capture using a continuous LED light panel and a slow shutter speed. The first image was 1/20 and the second 1/30. If I am not mistaken, I used a small inexpensive LED light. A real fire place can be seen in the background.


For this image I moved my camera on the other side of the strawberry to get more back-light. You might be wondering how the spoon looks so crisp in these images if it was such a slow shutter. The trick is no one is holding the spoon. It is taped to a box.


Soda Pop Beverage Photography

You may recognize this image from my Old Spice and other product photography post.


I only had a few minutes to capture this next one. I really wish I had spent more time perfecting it. I was trying a whole slew of things that night and this one wasn’t on the top of my priorities, but looking back I wish it was.

It was inspired by a student who graduated from the same university as I did. I knew the image and I searched in Google, “Pepsi photography” and it was the very first image result that popped up. Check out her blog post here: Lindsay Lefevre Spray the Pepsi



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