Photography Portfolio – Comm 316

If you take a look at my portfolio, you will see a number of different styles I have tried to create in my photography. I believe it is important to test your abilities and push your skills beyond their current limits. However, if I were to sum up my favorite style into my own personal photography style, I would have to say it is cinematic photography. Cinematic photography is a broad stylistic category, as broad as film itself. I love taking images that look like they could be a screenshot out of a film or major motion picture.

To narrow my style down even further, I would say that I love using light and contrast. I sort of reflect J. J. Abram’s fascinations with lens flares and you will see in many of my images I use a flash in frame to produce dramatic light effects. I also love contrast. The more intense the contrast between light and dark, the deeper the visual storytelling is for me. It’s not for all circumstances, not even in my photos, but my favorite photos I have produced use great contrast in creating chiaroscuro, which is to say light and dark.

You will notice that not all my pictures have intense dramatic use of chiaroscuro. For instance, my salmon image or food photography is generally well exposed throughout the entire image. Other images are less intense when it comes to harsh shadows and light. We all have our own styles, and while it is important to practice different styles, it’s also a good idea to maximize your favorite style.

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Brandon Griffin Western Cowboy Photography - Protector of the West Brandon Griffin light painting blue orb Green Smoke Bomb and Girl Model by Brandon GriffinGirl in Red Vintage Car by Brandon Griffin Motor Cycle Couple American Flag by Brandon Griffin Lightsaber created in Adobe Lightroom by Brandon Griffingirl-holding-moon-creative-photography-brandon-griffin Brandon-Griffin-creative-photography-broken-down-car brandon-griffin-cinematic-contrast-photography-hunger-games Brandon-griffin-jarritos-product-photography-splash Brandon-griffin-cinematic-photography-break-up-scene-romance-7 Brandon-Griffin-food-photography-images-salmon Brandon-Griffin-cinematic-creative-photography-spielberg-look-ufo-spaceship-tractor-beam-levitation-alien-abduction Brandon-Griffin-Creative-Cinematic-Photography-star-wars-battle-jedi-tie-fighter-attack

Green Smoke effect and girl in light rays by Brandon Griffin

These images were taken between April and July while I attended Comm 316 Professional Imaging, at BYU-Idaho. Rexburg.

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