The Last Two Projects

The Sticker Project

For this last project, we had choose something meaningful to us and turn it into a set of stickers. I mentioned this in my icon post. We then had to print out said stickers and attend a sticker exchange event where our best work from the semester was displayed and we got to exchange stickers with our fellow classmates and the other class that was taught that semester.

I chose to base my stickers off of filmmaking. I drew many different sketches and I selected a few as my top choices. I ran into quite a bit of trouble with my choice of a director’s chair. Eventually I abandoned it in favor of the film reel. The popcorn box went through a couple iterations before I got it right. The clapperboard was the most straightforward and turned out to be my favorite sticker! The only problem was: You couldn’t flip the clapperboard backwards like you could with the popcorn and film reel. I needed to flip somethings in order to fit them all nicely on the sticker sheet. There was a set price for a long sheet of stickers, so I wanted to fit as many as I could. I quickly ran into the problem of the text being backwards and just looking funny. Other than that, no problems with the clapperboard.

The Last Gif

This was one of my favorite projects. We had to create a gif. A simple gif that could be repeated infinitely and seamlessly. As to not be able to see the cut at when the gif repeats itself. I decided to challenge myself.

We were to create the image in Illustrator, animate it in After Effects, and export it as a Gif in Photoshop.

Having had quite a bit more experience in After Effects than my fellow classmates, I decided to try somethings that were a little more tricky. Some classmates had gifs that were as simple as a cartoon balloon filling up and leaving the screen. For mine, I decided to create Rey (this was before the premiere of The Last Jedi), practicing with a remote droid. I based her movement off of Luke Skywalker’s training in Star Wars: A New Hope.

For the remote droid, I created it as a long rectangle, and used a plugin call CC Sphere to make it look like a 3D ball. To get the movement in the arms and elbows, I would change the origin point, or anchor point, and parents layers. I would then keyframe the rotation on these layers. It was tricky because she was holding the lightsaber with two arms. While there is still room for improvement, I was very pleased with how it turned out.

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