Star Wars Opening Crawl – Free After Effects Template

You are free to use this template for your fan films. The only thing that I ask is that you give acknowledgement in the credits and/or description so that others may know where to find the template and use it for their projects as well. “Titles [or Opening Crawl] created by B. R. Griffin” “Title Template from” etc.

Click here to download the ZIP file.

To access the Google Drive file and download the free Adobe After Effects tutorial, click the hyperlink above. You can then import the project into Adobe Premiere and edit the text. There are several different compositions in this file, including a Rogue One title card, The Last Jedi and The Force Awakens trailer logos, a 3 paragraph version of the opening crawl to help you keep your sentences more concise, and much more!

To maximize this template, it is very important that you have these fonts downloaded before opening the project:

Star Wars Titles

Opening Crawl and End Credits

  • Franklin Gothic Book
  • Star Jedi
  • Franklin Gothic Demi
  • Franklin Gothic Medium Cond

Rogue One

  • Trajan Pro

The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi

  • ITC Serif Gothic Std.
  • Star Jedi

This Christmas

  • ITC Serif Gothic Std.

Rogue One Planets

Yavin 4

  • Fjalla One

Rebel Alliance Headquarters

  • Letter Gothic Std


Some of these After Effects compositions require a lot of processing and work best on a fast computer with a good graphics card.

See these templates in action (and forgive the typos)!


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