Creating a Poster in Illustrator

In this project we were required to think outside the box a little and create a poster for a fictional band. This was a little out of my comfort zone because I don’t listen to a lots of bands. However, I decided to let myself get a little weird, and get a little abstract. Take a look at some of my crazy sketches:

brgriffin's crazy sketches
I still think some of these sketches would look pretty cool drawn out!

This was recently after we learned how to do some blending effects in Illustrator. I also wanted to make the text reminiscent of comic book ink. I thought it would be interested to put a normal dude in the cockpit of a flying saucer. And why on earth would he be using a tractor beam to suck up a tree? Who knows! And because I’m a Star Wars fan I decided to add a Porg in the tree.

Retrospective band poster by Griffin.

Here are a few of the earlier progress drafts:

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