Portraits of Young Women Models

This is Cassie. She is a fellow photographer. We were modeling for other photographers. We had done some down-time waiting for the next group, we decided to practice our portraits.

The trick to genuine smiles is to get your subjects to laugh, and as they are coming out of the laugh you snap the image. Sometimes laughs can be unflattering with an open mouth and too much gum and teeth. As the laughter subsides there is a genuine smile just before they return to a normal straight face. This is actually a principle I learned from YouTube stars Rhett and Link. They use fried chicken as the method, but I figured it could apply to actual smiles as well. You can watch their video here.

Girl Model with Lake Reflection by Brandon Griffin

Cassie Smiling in Red Dress by Brandon Griffin

Here are some images from the Legacy Flight Museum in Rexburg, Idaho. Be sure to check out my blog post with the male models.

I toned down the saturation in many of these images to give them an old-time feel. In this particular image below, I also added a radial filter as a vignette.

Girl Posing by Airplane by Brandon Griffin


Military Airplane Girl by Brandon Griffin

While this following image may look like it has been “photoshopped” to have a more intense background, this is the actual background.

Girl in Storm by Brandon Griffin

I kept much of the saturation in this following image. I really liked the bright colors and how they interaction with the shadows and light. I love the slight reflection on the wing.

Girl Standing Near Airplane Wing by Brandon Griffin

This image I kept, and even boosted, the saturation. I wanted to give it an almost colorized look. As if it had been an old black and white photo that had been digitally enhanced.

Girl in Red Vintage Car by Brandon Griffin

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